Day five: five hours, 13 minutes

So my jagged, non-exponential sleep chart has an uptick today.

I couldn’t keep awake beyond 9.30 last night. Such a bone-crushing exhaustion that I had to check out early. 

Fellow insomniacs, how do you describe that sensation to a Somniac? ‘Tired’ hardly covers it. You don’t feel sleepy, or cosy, or fuzzily doped. Morpheus does not come to sprinkle us with poppy seeds.

(Gets Collins thesaurus from book shelf). Dead-beat. Done in. Drained, drooping, enervated, exhausted.


Weary is quite a good one, I think. Sums up the endless grey boredom. Brings to me mind a quote from Hamlet: ‘How weary, stale and unprofitable/ Seem to me all the uses of this world.’


But to the point, I passed out at 9.30, sprung up before 3am feeling refreshed and ready to watch Ukrainians shooting radioactive dogs on Sky Atlantic.

After five days of daily activity, I’m taking a blogging mini-break and will be back early next week.

Wishing you lots of zzzzzzzz s.

6 thoughts on “Day five: five hours, 13 minutes

      1. Agree – but it’s a way for people to get in touch with me – PRs etc.. and you!

        Miranda Levy

        07444 931929 @mirandalevycopy #InsomniacsAgainstAntisemitism



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