October 18: six hours (!) one minute

So. This week, I had some good news. I have an Agent to turn these haphazard wafflings into something approaching a book. She is the lovely Charlotte Seymour at Andrew Nurnberg Associates. No publisher confirmed yet, but there is some optimism.

Here I am!


Alphabetically on the agency website, I come after Harper Lee.

Meanwhile, the quest for sleep continues. The fellows at the top of this page have been employed to help. Most of them will appear in a story about Sleep for the Chanukah edition of Jewish News LIFE section. At least I will smell nice (if you like lavender and vetivert, whatever that is).

CBD oil and balm (cannabis without the fun bits) doesn’t smell nice, but many people swear by it for sleep, anxiety and pain relief. My jury is still out. But I got to interview a very nice Saracens rugby player called Dom Day, who started fourfivecbd with his teammate George Kruis.

If you want to read more on the subject, look at the @telegraph website for the Insomnia Diaries (RIP, but please don’t snore).


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