19th October 2020

Dear friends!

What started as a one-off article, then a blog, then an online newspaper column has become an Actual Book. Yes sirree.

Last night I hefted off SIXTY THOUSAND WORDS off to my editor. For reasons around sales and marketing, I’m not ‘allowed’ to say what it’s called, or who is publishing it (though Google could possibly be your friend here).

Anyway. It’s out on June 3rd 2021, and I’m going for a lie-down.

Thanks for all your support!

3 thoughts on “19th October 2020

  1. Brilliant news darling Miranda! Can’t wait to read ‘The Insomnia Diaries’  in June 2021. Found the details on Google! SLEEP WELL.You deserve it!! Lots of love, Tessa & Alan. Xx


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