Seven-and-a-bit weeks til publication!

I started recording my audiobook today!

Sore throat, but very happy.

The Insomnia Diaries: How I Learned to Sleep Again, is out on June 10th and available for pre-order here:, and here – and other places!

The last time my publisher looked, I think I had sold 19 copies, so please try and make me feel better.

I’ve got lots of lovely publicity coming up, including the Telegraph Magazine, GLAMOUR, Readers’ Digest, The Lady (really!), the Stylist literary festival and another one, a few podcasts, Fisherman’s Blues on talkSPORT (don’t ask)….

Ps) I’ve now joined the Instagram generation @mirandalevyinsta, God help us all.

2 thoughts on “Seven-and-a-bit weeks til publication!

  1. I’ve just ordered my copy! I didn’t realise you were doing an audio book as well! I’ll get that too when it’s done!!

    Goodness me, to think how far you’ve come, after what you’ve been through!! You really are an inspiration!!! 🥰🥰



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